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Cycling Background "Life Behind Bars"

I have been riding and racing for 40-years and I am still going strong. I love getting out on the mountain bike for an Epic day or ripping it up on my Gravel Bike. I have learned so much from "Life behind bars" and in many ways this has helped me understand the dynamics that surround this great sport. I have also been able to experience the cycling industry from the ground-up working in bike shops, coaching road and mountain biking and instructing spin cycling. I have raced mountain bike, road bike and triathlon as well as other multi-sport events including Xterra and adventure racing.


When I started Bike Fitting so much of what I was learning made sense and it was so exciting to begin to connect with an aspect of the industry that I know was for me. There is nothing better than connecting with a rider, making changes to their bike and then getting feedback that compliments the service that they received. Taking the cycling experience to another level is what it is all about! Now BikeFit Canada allows me to share my knowledge and expand the growth of the sport in a direction that contributes to success for all of those people seeking this valuable service. 


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

I have made Bike Fitting my life for the last 20 years. It is where my passion and dedication meet. Below are my Certifications.

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