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The all-new BikeFit Saddle Changer enables a bike fitter or customer to change and adjust the tilt on saddles/seats in a few seconds.  With it, the cyclist can test out multiple saddles before deciding on the perfect fit!

The Saddle Changer is compatible with a variety of seat posts, fit bikes and indoor bikes due to its variable-width rails.  Constructed of alloy and stainless parts, the single-arm design provides a rapid, secure lock on each saddle.  The user only needs to lift the arm, turn the saddle 90 degrees, and then easily remove it.  Each saddle change is estimated between 5 to 10 seconds, not including the tilt feature which allows shops to find the most comfortable tilt angle for the discerning cyclist.

Works with standard two-rail seat posts. Saddle Changer rails have width adjustment for Sizing Bikes:   

  • Exit
  • Waterford
  • Guru
  • Retul
  • Purely Custom
  • Shimano
  • Alloy and stainless steel parts.
  • Friction points require only synthetic lube, no grease. This can damage Saddle Changer.TESTIMONIALS:

"We doubled our saddle sales the first year after we purchased the Saddle Changer."
Mike Rabas
Fitter, Woodinville Bicycle

"The Saddle Changer helps me help my clients compare and contrast saddle options and positioning in a way that measurably adds value to my fitting business. It is fast and effective, but also surprisingly fun for the client. I also use it as a stand-alone service that sells a lot of saddles, and minimizes the chance of saddles needing to be returned.”
Kurt Rosenquist
Fitter, FitWorks Cycling

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