BikeFit Canada is now offering a 1-day Mountain Bike Fit course. The cycling industry has never been focused and MTB Fit but not BikeFit Canada.

During the course you will learn how to correctly centre the rider on the bike by making adjustments to the saddle height, tilt and fore-aft. We are also going to look at the importance of the handlebar assembly and study the options associated with Stem and handler bar position. 

The foot Pedal interface is often overlooked during the bike fit but not at Bike Fit Canada. We will be looking at cleat position and foot comfort both inside and outside of the shoe. There are many possible changes to the Mountain Bike shoe and during this course you will learn them all.

Mountain Biking in BC is huge and its popularity is only growing. This mountain bike fit course is a great way to get your customers going both up and down the mountain.