Cycling Background "Life Behind Bars"

I have been riding and racing for 40-years and I am still going strong. I love getting out on the mountain bike for an Epic day or ripping it up on my Gravel Bike. I have learned so much from "Life behind bars" and in many ways this has helped me understand the dynamics that surround this great sport. I have also been able to experience the cycling industry from the ground-up working in bike shops, coaching road and mountain biking and instructing spin cycling. I have raced mountain bike, road bike and triathlon as well as other multi-sport events including Xterra and adventure racing. When I started Bike Fitting so much of what I was learning made sense and it was so exciting to begin to connect with an aspect of the industry that I know was for me. There is nothing better than connecting with a rider, making changes to their bike and then getting feedback that compliments the service that they received. Taking the cycling experience to another level is what it is all about! Now BikeFit Canada allows me to share my knowledge and expand the growth of the sport in a direction that contributes to success for all of those people seeking this valuable service. 


IBFI Certification level 3 is reserved for the best educated and most-experienced fitters.

Reserved for fitters at the top of their profession, with the highest knowledge base expected to be one of the best in the world.  Level 3 certified fitters can act as mentors to other candidates to help them through their path to accreditation.

BikeFit Systems Qualifications

I first completed the Level 1 BikeFit course in 2009. Then in 2010 I returned to BikeFit Systems in the US to finish my Level 2. I have completed both the clinical and non clinical Level 2 courses. This put me at the highest standard qualifying me as a Pro Fitter I have also completed his Black Level teaching certificate and I am the only certified BikeFit System instructor in Canada.

Certified BikeFit Systems Instructor

After many years of hard work in 2011 I completed the Black Level teaching certificate and I am the only certified BikeFit Systems instructor in Canada. Since then I went on to teach all over the US and in Canada.

Triathlon Fit F I S T Slowtwitch

I have been down to F.I.S.T twice, one visit was dedicated to learning more about Triathlon Fit. The second visit was focused on understanding how to work with the Purely Custom size cycle. I have been doing Triathlon fits for many years working with local weekend warriors right up to top Canadian athletes training for an Ironman. 

Dave is F.I.S.T certified in Tri Bike Fit with a keen interest to work more with the triathlon community in order to bring the best to triathlon time trial style riding.

Size Cycle F I S T Slowtwitch

The second visit down to Dan Empfeilds Ranch just outside LA was to learn about the Protocol for working with the Purely Custom Size Cycle. Working with any Size Cycle is a skill and needs to be learned just like becoming a good bike fitter. One of my most valuable services has been working with cyclists looking to buy a new bike. Being able to help them find the best-fitting frame is what it is all about.

Fit Kit Systems

It was great working with John Higgins when he was in town. John and Fit Kit Systems have a unique way to go at a bike fit session. I certainly learned a great deal about their protocol and that has contributed to a bigger tool box when it comes to bike fit.


I have been riding a racing mountain bike for almost 40 years. I thought I had things pretty dialed until I took my Level 1 Instructors course. I learned so much about riding mountain bikes and how that comes back to the importance of a good fit. MTB fit is so often over looked but I really believe if you want to max out on performance, fun and you want to get it done, get a MTB Fit and you want be sorry.


Being a professional Bike Fitter I really wanted to fine-tune my Mechanic skills. We all want to keep our bikes running smooth and feeling good. This 2-week full-time course put me through my paces but I learned a great deal from Jeff Bryson. And now when I teach, I have more confidence in showing my students the correct way to wrench. 

Selle SMP

Selle SMP has been one of my best-selling brands for years. Having the opportunity to attend a 2-hour seminar on their products was a great experience. Listening to the passion that the owners have for their saddles helped to put SMP at the top of my list. The Saddle Studio is proud to promote and sell Selle SMP.

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