BikeFit Canada Level 2 Advanced Fit 

The Level 2 course builds on the information that is presented during the Level 1 course. BikeFit Canada strongly recommends doing Level 1 prior to enrolling for Level 2.

The Level 2 Advanced Fit course would suit any Professional bike fitter looking to increase knowledge and improve skills when it comes to problem solving and more advanced fit techniques. Level 1 provides a strong foundation for understanding the cyclist cockpit and what is needed to make the changes for a more comfortable efficient position. During the Level 1 a great deal of fucus was on the side view perspective, during the level 2 we will be looking at some of the advanced changes that are possible. 

The Front view pedal stroke assessment has always been something that BFC believes in. So often this perspective is overlooked during the Bike Fit. During the Level 1 we learned about the Fore-aft, medial lateral and rotation adjustments. When you take the Level 2 we will introduce wedging, Leg Length discrepancies and we will explore other influences on the pedal stroke such as the actual fit of the shoe plus learning more about after market foot beds. This will also allow us to learn more about Speedplay pedals and other after market longer spindle products.

BFC will also introduce the rear-view perspective, looking at the pelvis and what roll it plays while cycling. The Saddle and the Pelvis are very much connected so we are going to take a deep dive into the saddle world looking at how one interfaces with the other. We will also take it one step further as we begin to examine the pedal stroke and connect what we see to the pelvis and how these to contact points are connected. The rear view is usually completely overlooked, at BFC we would consider this an advanced aspect of bike fitting.

Other topics to be presented are;

  • Saddle Fit - Finding the right seat
  • Rear View – Examination of cyclist while pedaling (Pelvic evaluation)
  • Advanced foot Pedal adjustments
  • Speedplay Pedals – Learning about longer spindle products
  • Crank Arm Length – Shorter vs. Longer
  • Aero Dynamics
  • Shoe Fit – LAKE cycling shoes
  • Stack and Reach - Lets talk frame size