The Level 1 BikeFit Canada Education is a 2 day program that will cover all the skills necessary to conduct a Professional bike fit. 

This includes examination of and required adjustments to saddle height, saddle fore/aft and saddle tilt. We will also cover handlebar drop and handlebar positioning so you have an excellent understanding of cockpit set up.

In addition, at BikeFit Canada we believe that the foot pedal interface is an essential aspect of Bike Fitting. That is why we will be teaching what it takes to evaluate the pedal stoke from the front view perspective so you can determine whether any cleat adjustments are needed. This would include for-aft, medial lateral and the potential use of wedges. This is a critical contact point for the cyclist one that is often overlooked, not at BikeFit Canada.

Upon completion of the 2 day Level 1 course BikeFit Canada can provide access to BikeFit tools and parts so you can get set up for success. along with on-going support so you can show commitment to helping cyclists in the best way possible.  

If you are a bike shop, coach or physiotherapist looking to enroll in the course we do have the ability to host the 2-day program at your place of work or in a suitable space nearby. Although specific calendar dates are being offered, we also have the ability to schedule a date so that it meets the needs of you and your employees.

BikeFit Canada will provide a certificate indicating that you have completed the Level 1 course. You will also have your name and place of business added to the Find a Fitter page on the BikeFit Canada website. 

BikeFit Canada is committed to providing the best Bike Fit Educational experience so you can provide a valuable service to the cycling community.