We provide cyclists with better comfort, power, and efficiency. Through products and knowledge, we offer every rider the opportunity to make cycling more enjoyable.  Whether you’ve purchased your first set of clipless pedals or have been riding for 30 years, we can improve your ride.  Ride farther, push harder, and reach new cycling goals like never before with BikeFit. (



Become a better Fitter.

Learn the complete, biomechanically sound system to treat individual comfort and efficiency issues with any of your customers, no matter their experience level. Learn why the foot-to-pedal interface is the foundation for a great bike fit, and the area where most overuse injuries can occur. Learn repeatable, simple & proven techniques that can make the most impact for your customers. (



The lowdown on who we are and what we do.

The lowdown on PURELY CUSTOM is pretty simple, we have a passion for cycling and the bike fitting industry and we want to keep making it better. The fact that we are a manufacturer allows us to research our theories, gather ideas and tinker with them under our own roof until we get it perfect.  Many of our ideas and fit tools had to be deciphered from a rough napkin drawing or an idea from a bike fitter before they found themselves into our state of the art manufacturing process.  It's obvious that we haven't been idle.  PURELY CUSTOM offers a full range of software, fit platforms, fit bikes and tools that have become the gold standard with bicycle fitting professionals worldwide. These fit products are used by some of the world’s top fitting and performance professionals, such as Paraic McGlynn of Cyclologic. These fit products are the logical choice for all fitters, since they integrate and complement the tools already in their studio. (

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